The Only Cabin In The Woods That Matters Is The One In The New 'Evil Dead' Trailer

I don't know if the "Evil Dead" remake will be any good, but suddenly it's April release date feels too far away.

"Evil Dead 2," "Army of Darkness," then the original. That's how I discovered Sam Raimi's splatter horror (then comedy) trilogy as a kid and young adult. And these movies were important to me as a young horror fan, "Dead By Dawn" a nasty, darkly funny and surreal jolt, breaking through the tail end of the 80's slasher era (and helping usher in a nice period of inventive creature features and left-field oddities).

So I say this as someone who holds this series near and dear to my heart: Ghost House Pictures knows how to get me excited for an "Evil Dead" remake. It's not just the omnipresent gore which seems to do honor to the original film, but the small details like the horrible choices the characters might have to make and that sense of small-scale doom just oozes out of every frame. Plus, beyond Mia in the cellar, it doesn't go too far out of its way to draw your attention to the fact that it's a remake (hey remakes, stop putting in little winks to the originals--they're dumb).

This is the first feature effort for director Fede Alvarez who shares a script credit with Sam Raimi (who's producing). Like the original, this one follows a group of friends out to an isolate cabin where one of them accidentally unleashes hell with the Book of the Dead. Actress Jane Levy ("Surbugatory") plays Mia, seeming to channel a younger, frantic Angela Bettis (which is not a bad thing).

If "Evil Dead" can match even half the potential of what's on display here, we might have a blood-red gem on our hands (trailer NSFW, for gore content):

"Evil Dead" will be in theaters on April 12. Get more opinions on it at the MTV News!

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