ComiXology Offers New And Classic Valiant First Issues For Free

Some of Valiant's old-school offerings are available now for free in the ComiXology store.

Sadly, "Quantum and Woody" didn't make the cut...

The sale (which you can find here) matches up the first wave of Valiant reboots alongside the first issues of their classic-era counterparts. That includes "X-O Manowar," "Harbinger," "Bloodshot," "Archer & Armstrong," along with the first issue of "Ninjak."

Of these, I'd recommend you check out the Jim Shooter/Bob Layton "Archer & Armstrong," which not only featured pencils by the great Barry Windsor-Smith, but was darkly funny to boot. The other books aren't anything to pass over, either, and the same goes for their reboot counterparts (although it takes a couple of issues for "Harbinger" to really hit its stride).

No word on when the sale ends--so snap 'em up before it's over.

[Source: ComiXology blog]