It's Batman Vs. The GCPD In The First 'The Dark Knight Knight Returns Pt. 2' Clip

The Batman resists in this clip from the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation feature "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2."

It's Commissioner Yindel and the cops of the GCPD against he fugitive batman in this clip from the upcoming feature, with the Bat on the run after a disastrous encounter with a villain (if you've read the book, you know at what point this sequence comes in). It all leads to a final showdown which has become iconic to the point that every few years someone wants to trot out the "ultra-competent Batman will always beat Superman" trope at the first opportunity).

Note the first person combat bits, which move fluidly, but are the cops are a little spread out in Batman's peripheral vision for my taste (for that matter, it would have been nice to get an under-the-cowl view).

"Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2" will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD on January 29th.

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