Scott Snyder Leaks The Secret 'Downton Abbey'/Batman Connection

Did you know there's a secret connection between hit PBS show 'Downton Abbey,' and hit DC Comic "Batman"? It's true! Or, at least it was pointed out to us today on Twitter by none other than Batman writer himself, Scott Snyder. First, he tweeted this:

Which led to a quick conversation back and forth, followed by the shocking, jaw-dropping revelation that will surely tie into the soon-to-premiere third season:

Yes, that's right: none other than angst-ridden valet Mr. Bates is secretly angst-ridden superhero Batman! Or is he?

Millionaire Bruce Wayne is Batman, champion of the people? I think not. Mr. Bates is FAR more likely.

Thanks to Mr. Snyder for the hat-tip, and be sure to watch the continuing adventures of the Dark Knight, Sundays on PBS (and Monthly in DC Comics).

[NOTE: On a slightly more serious note, a "batman" is a personal servant to an officer in the British armed forces, so there you go - mystery solved.]