The Daily Geek: Mondo Does 'Jurassic Park,' Tarantino's Pop Culture And More

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PUT THIS ON MY WALL! Shock Til You Drop has Ken Taylor's new posters for "Jurassic Park"

THE KING OF POP CULTURE! Watch every pop culture reference from Quentin Tarantino movies in chronological order. [/Film]

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

GUNS! Watch our exclusive trailer for Warren Ellis' "Gun Machine."

MARIO IS THE LAW! From Fashionably Geek, Itsa mashup!

BEAM ME UP, COOKIE! This is definitely a "Star Trek" communicator made out of gingerbread. [Neatorama]

SIGH... Empire has the poster for the sequel to the excellent "Last Exorcism." She's bent into a 2...that worries me.

GREATEST EVER? Here's Jackie Chan as Chun Li in "City Hunter." Yup.

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