Fans React To 'Amazing Spider-Man' #700 At Dan Slott Signing

On December 27, "Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott waded into a sea of fans at New York City's Midtown Comics to sign copies of the controversial "Amazing Spider-Man" #700, the final issue of the iconic series. <a href="Based on the frenzy ignited by the startling revelation at the end of the issue, there was a measurable level of uncertainty about whether or not Slott would encounter a pitchfork-wielding mob demanding the man's head, or a gathering of adoring and appreciative fans who simply want one of the definitive Spider-Man writers' signature on their books. Thankfully, it was the latter group, and as you can see in our exclusive video, even if fans weren't thrilled with Slott's narrative choices, they still respect his work and always keep a piece of Peter Parker in their hearts.

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