Tony Stark To Kill Gods In Space In 'Iron Man' #6 First Look

Tony Stark straps on his new armor and splits to outer space in Kieron Gillen and Greg Land's "GodKiller" arc in "Iron Man" 6.

Marvel says:

Just when he thought the events of Avengers VS. X-Men and the seeming death of the Phoenix Force was in the rear view mirror – Iron Man’s first trip into space with his new suit of armor may end in the flames that he thought were extinguished! As part of Marvel NOW!, Iron Man continues to be a part of a line of titles that are taking the Marvel Universe in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry’s top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver all-new ongoing series, great for new and lapsed readers alike!

"Iron Man" #6 is on shelves February 6, 2013.