The Lo-fi High WWII Sci-Fi Comedy Of Russo And Ashby's 'Danger 5' Comes To Hulu

The 2012 Australian action spoof is on Hulu and unless you hate comedy, you should absolutely, positively watch it.

The series is the mad product of comic books, 60's Eurosleaze action movies and thrillers, and a healthy dose of the pulps as squeezed through the brains of creators Dario Russo and David Ashby. It follows the adventures of a group of international spies who set out to stop Hitler's machinations to rule the world. Think of it as "Force 10 from Navarone" as filtered through "Danger: Diabolik" with a touch of "OSS 117" thrown in for good measure.

If the first episode whets your appetite, there's always the "Diamond Girls" web series Russo and Ashby produced last year in support of the show, serving as a sort of prequel to the team's adventures facing off against the Nazi menace. You can check that out on their Dinosaur YouTube channel.

You can check out the first episode, "I Danced With Hitler," on the "Danger 5" show page on Hulu. New episodes will be available every Sunday.