Dan DiDio's Christmas Present To Readers Is...Wally West?!

Well, as one beloved comic book character leaveth, another might returneth...

According to Inside Pulse, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio left the following holiday message on his Facebook page:

"Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Even you Wally. maybe I’ll see you in the New Year."

Wally, one might assume, is none other than Wally West, one of the most beloved incarnations of The Flash. As of the comic publisher's "New 52" reboot, no trace of Mr. West could be found—a controversial point for fans of the character, who had suffered a serious lack of West in the red costume for some time.

Current "Flash" scribes Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have claimed to have turned in a pitch for a Wally West-related thingamabob a while ago...one would imagine, with the success of this current "New 52" Flash title, that maybe a West-related spinoff or miniseries might be on the table?

For comic fans exhausted by current events on the other side of the publishing aisle, seeing a return of Wally West might be a nice respite.

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