Comic Creators Wish Stan Lee A Happy 90th Birthday With Excelsior Art!

Stan "The Man" Lee, a.k.a. the main responsible for everything you love or hold dear--heck, the man indirectly responsible for the existence of this very site--turned 90 years young today and to celebrate a crop of comic book artists and cartoonists paid tribute to the great man with what else...comic book art! Check out some of the great work from the likes of Marc Silvestri, Camilla D'Errico, Vasilis Lolos and others!

Now...say it with us EXCELSIOR!

By Marc Silvestri

By Camilla D'Errico

By Vasilis Lolos

By Dan Panosian

By Roger Andrews

By Rich Arons

By Anthony Winn

By Terry Naughton

By Tom Kyzivat

By Salvadore Lopez Donaire

By Mark Stegbauer

By Matt Haley

By Ozzie Martin

By Rudy Tamales

By Jay Reed

By Anthony DiChiara

By Michael Hill

By Florentino Fsantibanez Santibanez

By Keith Brown

By George Gant

By Sajad Shah Alonso Espinoza

By Werner Mueck

By Jamie Tyndall

By Don Mathias, Jr.

Happy birthday, Stan!