Doctor Octopus: Looking At An Unlikely Hero

Today we reported the shocking news that Peter Parker, who has been Spider-Man for 50 years (give or take some extraordinary circumstances), will no longer be Spider-Man as of "Amazing Spider-Man" #700. His replacement? None other than his most mortal enemy, Doctor Octopus -- who will be gracing the pages of the upcoming "Superior Spider-Man" comic.

Who is this "Doc Ock"? Let's take a closer look.

For many people, this news could be summed up by "Alfred Molina to Become New Spider-Man." Molina, of course, played Doctor Octopus in the movie "Spider-Man 2." But the Doc Ock of the comics debuted back in 1963, in "Amazing Spider-Man" #3.  Otto Octavius was a scientific genius and inventor -- but also not a very nice man to know. When the experimental mechanical arm apparatus he created fused to his body after a freak radiation accident, he turned to a life of crime, savoring the power rush his extra "arms" gave him!

But Octavius was in bad physical shape outside of his wonderous and terrifying metal tentacles. His failing health finally caught up with him recently, forcing the villain to encase himself in an exoskeleton to protect himself -- as well as giving himself 4 extra arms! Finally, on his last arms legs, he tricked Peter Parker into exchanging bodies with him, leaving Parker in his battered shell and gaining a healthy new spider-body.

Now with Peter Parker out of the way, it is up to Otto Octavius to take up the mantle of the "Superior Spider-Man." Can Octavius truly be a hero? Or will he conduct a reign of terror?

The next chapter of the life of Doctor Octopus is yet to be written!

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