Peter Parker R.I.P. - Watch Our Video Tribute With Stars From Walking Dead, Teen Wolf and more!

"As of today, Peter Parker is no longer with us...he unfortunately died valiantly in his final fight against Doc Ock." -- Marvel Comics assistant editor Ellie Pyle

And so Peter Parker—known to millions as Spider-Man—has died within the pages of "Amazing Spider-Man" #700, in stores today. Taking his place will be an unlikely choice for a replacement—his mortal enemy, Doctor Octopus!

MTV Geek has put together a tribute video to everyone's favorite webslinger, featuring such stars as "The Walking Dead's " Norman Reedus, the cast of the Broadway show "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," and much, much more!

We also hear about this controversial news from the writer of "Amazing Spider-Man" himself—Dan Slott.

Keep it tuned-in to MTV Geek for all the latest news on this breaking story!

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