Gail Simone Is The New Writer On Batgirl! Wait, What?

In news that should be ever so slightly shocking to anyone who has followed the comics news-o-sphere the past few weeks, writer Gail Simone just announced the following on Twitter:

You can go get your socks now, because clearly they were just KNOCKED RIGHT OFF. For the rest of you, here's the deal, and what we THINK is going to happen:

Last week, the comics internets erupted with the news that much beloved writer Gail Simone was off DC Comics' "Batgirl", a top-selling title with an avid fan-base. Further complicating things, Simone all but implied that she was informed she was off the gig by e-mail, from Editor Brian Cunningham.

People went crazy, defended Simone, and DC stayed mostly silent. And now she's back! Here's our best guesses:

1) Pressure from the Internet forced DC to take Simone back to the title. I sincerely doubt this was what happened, despite other instances in the far past where the publisher was forced to make changes due to fans (see "Armageddon 2001," whippersnappers); mainly because they made the decision, or seemingly did, for reasons their own.

2) This was all a ruse! Cunningham and Simone thought it would be really funny if she blamed him for something, and he never responded, in an effort to make everybody feel weird. Yup, that seems accurate. I guess slightly possible, but really, nobody gains anything from this scenario.

3) Simone was taken off Batgirl, and put on a NEW Batgirl title. This seems the most likely to me. Maybe even a combo of all three guesses, with Simone being taken off, fan outcry causing DC to put her on something else, and Cunningham and Simone deciding this might goose interest in whatever this other Batgirl title is called.

So does that mean we'll see TWO Batgirl titles? Maybe "Girl Detective Comics"? Or more likely, we're going to get an ongoing Batgirl with Barbara Gordon, and an ongoing by Gail Simone with... Dare we say... Stephanie Brown?

Needless to say, we'll probably be speculating on this throughout Christmas, with the new Batgirl series taking Santa's place in the halls of myth. Stay tuned...

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