Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution - Matt Fraction And Mike Allred Talk 'FF'

In this installment of our exclusive sneaky peeks behind the scenes of Marvel NOW! "FF" writer and artist Matt Fraction and Mike Allred discuss why working together is a dream come true.

Fraction reveals how important Allred has been to him as a comics professional. He says, "The first pro who was ever awesome to me was Mike Allred. I would not be here if it wasn't for Mike Allred."

And here's a great looking page from the newly released "FF" #2:

And speaking of Allred. The amazing artist reveals how he and colorist (and wife) Laura Allred created the charmingly inventive Valentine's Day cover for "FF" #4. "I don't know how comfortable I am sharing our secrets, but in this case...I'll share this," he says.

Here's a good look at the cover for "FF" #4 in all it's glorious glory: