'Black Dynamite' Renewed For A Second Season

Pay attention, suckah, because the meanest, baddest brother that ever walked the streets is coming back in 2013 to Adult Swim. Or 2014, somewhere around there, according to a Deadline report.

I'm in the minority among my friends who love, love the 2009 "Black Dynamite" film, Michael Jai White's send-up of blaxploitation films of the 70's. It had a great cast and some of the jokes landed, but it also felt padded to the extreme. Which is maybe why the half hour animated series is so perfect--the movie was trying to hit a bunch of targets at once, whereas 30 minutes forces the show's creators (including Boondocks alum and all-around cool guy Carl Jones) to pick their shots carefully.

The ratings on the first season were good--good enough to warrant another ten-episode order for the end of next year or beginning of 2014. And I'm very down with that. While the series played a little fast and loose with its time period (some of the gags hit on early 80's Richard Pryor and 'Nam flashback action), it had standouts like the Michael Jackson episode and the mandatory viewing Christmas episode where we Black Dynamite's feud with O.J. Simpson teaches our hero the meaning of the holiday.

[Source: Deadline]

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