LEGO 'Back to the Future' Set Confirmed For 2013

Great Scott! LEGO has just revealed that the "Back to the Future" DeLorean concept submitted to LEGO Cuusoo is going into production for all for us to buy! That's right, the project received the necessary 10,000 supporters, and made it through the summer LEGO review process.

In June, four successful LEGO Cuusoo projects entered the first quarterly review process for ideas that reach 10,000 supporters. While the "Legend of Zelda" set would have been pretty cool, LEGO has chosen "Back to the Future" as the next set to hit shelves.

There are no details on what exactly the Back to the Future Time Machine set will come with, but we're positive Marty McFly and Doc Brown mini-figures will be included. Sadly, it doesn't look like Einstein the time-traveling dog made the cut – he wasn't part of the original concept, but it still would have been cool.

LEGO says the final product is still in development in coordination with Universal (who own the rights to "Back to the Future"), meaning price and availability information still haven't been confirmed. However, it looks like LEGO is hoping to get the set ready for a "mid-2013" release.

LEGO Cuusoo's Tim Courtney provides the official announcement details and a quick look at the "Back to the Future" Time Machine set in the video below. Where we're going, we'll need a lot of plastic bricks.