EXCLUSIVE: The Journey Ends For Two 'LOTR' Fans In 'A Simple Walk Into Mordor'

See Roosters Teeth's Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais attempt to finish a 120-mile journey on foot across New Zealand in honor of Sam and Frodo's quest to Mordor. Will they make it?

Even if it took Sam and Frodo three movies to finish their trek from the Shire to Mordor, Chris and Terry were determined to finish theirs in six days. Kerry explains, "I was curious as to how far away the sets for the Shire and Mordor were from each other because I thought it would be hilarious if they were actually close. When I found out it was only 120 miles away, I knew I had to try and walk the distance."

The first three parts of the web series ran on "Red vs. Blue" creator Rooster Teeth's site and Blip.com, and you can check those out as well right now.