Did Pixar Design NASA's New Spacesuit?

Seriously, there's no way this looks like Buzz Lightyear by accident.

NASA's Z-1 prototype has been designed to be a more versatile suit for spacewalks and other astronauty things...like fighting aliens, pooping in vacuums and traveling to infinity and beyond, apparently.

The Z-1 will allow for more maneuverability during the aforementioned walks, as well as making strolls on various planets and asteroids more comfortable. The suit boasts a fancy rear-entry hatch so space cowboys can easily climb in and out of it without dealing with many cumbersome parts or annoying depressurizing after a jaunt in the great nothingness. With current suits, called EMUs (Extravehicular Mobility Units), astronauts need to enter and exit from a space station via an airlock system. But now, the wearer of the Z-1 can simply climb through a "space port" and detach from an external hatch, thanks to the suit-port plate on the back of the suit.

The Z-1 is the first major overhaul of NASA's space wear since 1988. It should be ready to embark into the great beyond sometime in 2015.

[Source: Space.com/Dvice]