Get Your Own Set Of Agent Coulson's Vintage Captain America Trading Cards

Agent Coulson may have met his untimely death in "The Avengers", but his sacrifice served a higher purpose. After seeing Coulson's "near mint" Captain America trading cards covered in blood, the team had no choice but to assemble. Thankfully, that wasn't the only set of Cap cards around. In fact, you can get very your own, just like the one from the movie.

Available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth, Agent Phil Coulson's Vintage Captain America Trading Cards come as two complete sets – one bloody set and one “near mint” set – printed using the original digital files Marvel Studios used for the film. The set comes with 24 cards in total and you'll probably have just as hard a time getting them signed as Coulson did.

Of course, something so awesome is going to cost money. Thankfully, the set isn't demanding too much at about $40. And keep in mind the cards themselves aren't the only thing you'll get. The prop-replica set includes a nifty Avengers presentation booklet, a certificate of authenticity, and a prop story card (whatever that means). To top it all off, the cards are printed in the the good ol' USA. Phil Coulson would be proud.