EXCLUSIVE: See What Happens When Krogans Attack In This 'Mass Effect: Paragon Lost' Clip

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming anime based on the "Mass Effect" trilogy, see how even the most determined, battle-hardened Krogan warriors fare against a group of industrious humans.

The feature, which serves as a prequel to "Mass Effect 3," focuses on Alliance Marine James Vega (Freddie Prinze Jr.). If you've played the game, you know him as the impulsive tough guy constantly butting heads with Commander Shepherd--"Paragon Lost" expands on a bit of the character's backstory as he and his squad confront an attack from the ancient, seemingly invincible Collectors on an Alliance settlement. If you're a fan of the character, it's worth checking out.

Prinze is joined by voice actors Travis Willingham ("Halo 4," "LEGO Batman: The Movie"), and Monica Rial ("Ms. Splosion Man," "Panty & Stocking & Garterbelt"), in a script by Henry Gilroy. The music is by regular "Mass Effect" composers David Kates and Joshua Mosley, who spoke to us earlier this month about their work on the film.

"Mass Effect: Paragon Lost" will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD on December 28th from FUNimation.