VIZ Announces Neon Alley For the Xbox 360 For Early 2013

No specifics on when we might expect it beyond the release window announced in yesterday's newsletter, but this should be welcome news to 360 owners interested in anime and manga publisher VIZ's streaming service.

If you'll recall, Neon Alley streams animation and dubbed films on a regular schedule as part of a monthly subscription. I still have my fundamental doubts/questions about Neon Alley: VIZ has one of the more diverse and compelling animation and feature film lineups domestically, but I just don't see the value in running their service like broadcast TV. If the goal is to allow viewers to discover new programming, I think Netflix, Hulu, and the likes have that all sewn up with their recommendation systems. As it stands, it just feels like a step back, but other users might disagree, though.

Question: what are some of these streaming services' plans for integrating themselves into the rumored next-gen consoles? Neon Alley, for instance, is kind of late to the platform, so would they have to rebuild a bunch of stuff from scratch for the next Xbox and whatever Sony will call the PS4?

We'll provide updates as soon as there's more information here.