Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution - The 'Fantastic Four' Family

For our latest look behind the scenes of Marvel NOW! we spend some quality time with the family of writers Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick as we explore the startling similarities between the fictional Fantastic Four family (Reed, Sue, Thing, Johnny, Valeria, Franklin) and the real-life family (Matt, Kelly Sue, Chris, Claude, Tallulah, Henry Leo) and how it informs Matt Fraction's writing of the newly relaunched "Fantastic Four" series.

We learn Fraction pulls moments from his real life to create the world of the "Fantastic Four"; from a wrecked bathroom, to a unique sleeping position, to a goofy dog, to a little boy's imagination. The moments that make up the lives of Fraction and DeConnick are the moments that make the "Fantastic Four" one of the most relatable and endearing books on the shelf, and you'll only see those moments here on MTV Geek in "Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution".