2012's Most OMG Moments In Geek #6: Marceline And Ice King Have A Past

There's the good, the great, and then there's the BEST. Welcome to MTV Geek's Best of 2012 -- what we thought were the cream of the crop this year in the world of GEEK!

As MTV Geek continues our look at the most OMG moments in pop-culture this year, we turn our attention to a "very special episode" of an insanely popular cartoon...

Imagine watching your favorite animated series as a child -- like, let's say, "Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers" -- and suddenly Gadget had this really heavy revelation about her past that seemed to come out of nowhere and was something you'd more readily find on a adult TV drama. And the storyline "worked," and "Rescue Rangers" fans all over started crying in front of the TV screen and making sad fan art to express their many feels.

I'm certainly not comparing "Rescue Rangers" to "Adventure Time," but rather just trying to give you some context as to why the episode "I Remember You," which aired October 12, 2012, had such a massive impact.


In the ep, Ice King visits Marceline and asks her to help him make a song so he can attract princesses (that's sort of Ice King's hobby -- finding and kidnapping Princesses so they will love him). What looks like the makings of another rollicking "Adventure Time" show (Finn and Jake are outside and ready to kick Ice King's ass) suddenly turns serious as Marceline not only acknowledges that I.K. was basically like her foster dad when she was abandoned during the Mushroom War...

...but that she is mentally tormented that the nice man she used to know has mentally degenerated to the point where he doesn't even remember their past relationship.


So Ice King, who has been the buffoonish "heavy" in the show up to this point, is now revealed to be a formerly really cool sensitive guy who became corrupted by his power to a horrifying degree. Marceline is basically dealing with an elderly beloved parent who has dementia, something she expresses poignantly with the song "Nuts":

You're so annoying, you pitiful, old man.

I'd like to help you, but I don't know if I can.

I thought you were nuts,

But you're really, really, really nuts

But you'd really have to listen to the song "I Remember You" in this episode to get the full emotional impact of this huge "Adventure Time" revelation. This is like the saddest thing you'll ever see in a children's cartoon ever. OH MY GOD it's so sad:

Marceline, is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world?

That must be so confusing for a little girl.

And I know you're going to need me here with you.

But I'm losing myself, and I'm afraid you're gonna lose me too.

This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy,

And I need to save you, but who's going to save me?

Please forgive me for whatever I do,

When I don't remember you.

Needless to say, the "Adventure Time" fans went completely bonkers over this somber storyline, creating metric tons of fan art and cover versions of "I Remember You":

Next on MTV Geek's 2012 Most OMG Moments, we take a look at "Zombiemania" -- both in entertainment and (gasp!) real life!

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