The Nation's First Legoland Hotel Is Opening, Once They Find All The PIeces Under The Couch

I've always wanted to visit Legoland, and if I ever to do finally make it there I'll have a nice LEGO pillow to rest my head on. Well maybe not, but the room will definitely be LEGO-themed. Construction on the Legoland Hotel is apparently ahead of schedule, and will officially open its doors to the public on April 5th, 2013.

Located at the Legoland California Resort, the Legoland Hotel is a three-story, 250-room hotel that will immerse guests in what else, LEGO. The hotel is designed to bring your imagination to life, doing so with the help of roughly 3,400 Lego sculptures comprised of over 3 million plastic bricks.

The LEGO model builders have apparently just unveiled the LEGO Dragon sculpture that will breathe smoke as guests make their entrance. A LEGO adventurer, pirate and knight have also been revealed to represent the three theme choices guests will have when selecting their room.

Interstingly, each room is divided into separate sleeping areas for the adults and the youngsters. The kids area is outfitted with bunk beds, a pull-out bed and a TV. There's also a treasure chest in every room that kids will be able to unlock by completing a Lego treasure hunt throughout the room.

Check out the video below for a look at some of the Lego sculptures and the progress that's been made on the Legoland Hotel!

Also, reservations are already being accepted at, which could make for an excellent last-minute gift.