2012's Most OMG Moments In Geek #7: A Hero Named Coulson

There's the good, the great, and then there's the BEST. Welcome to MTV Geek's Best of 2012 -- what we thought were the cream of the crop this year in the world of GEEK!

As MTV Geek continues our look at the most OMG moments in pop-culture this year, we put a spotlight on one of the most unlikely "superheroes" of 2012...

A "suit," a "Man in Black," a humorless guy working for the Feds or the CIA or some shadowy quasi-governmental organization -- these are not figures I think about when contemplating a "fan favorite" movie hero. That's more like Mr. Smith from "The Matrix," or the guys who chased E.T. There's no way such a character can so inspire countless fans that he would be brought back from the dead and star in his own new TV series, amirite?

Meet Agent Phil Coulson, probably the most popular character from 2012's blockbuster movie "The Avengers" (well, outside of Loki -- those fangirls always have a soft heart for a dashing baddie with an English accent).

Coulson, as played by Clark Gregg, first appeared in the movie "Iron Man," followed by "Iron Man II" and "Thor." Sort of an uptight, slightly sinister "right hand man" for S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury, Coulson was particularly douchey in "Thor," in which he pretty much hounded this hapless alien god until he cried. So my hopes for him in "The Avengers" was not high; I had him pegged as a untrusting jerk who thought all superheroes should be monitored and registered with the government (or whatever the hell S.H.I.E.L.D. really is).

But then something quite unexpected happened in "The Avengers" -- Joss Whedon decided to make Coulson markedly "human." First of all, he was a big Captain American fanboy, which makes him cool-sauce. He collected trading cards. And he was dating a cellist -- which I guess is also kinda cool (shows he's the cultured, sensitive type).

But Coulson's greatest moment in "Avengers" was when (spoilers) he sacrifices his life trying to defend the team against Loki. Out of all these superheroes with amazing powers, Phil had the most bravery and heart.

Needless to say, falling in love with a character and having him die in the same film was a little hard for the fans to take (welcome to the world of Joss Whedon).

And thus the "Coulson Lives" meme was born:

Some believed that Coulson would return as the Avengers hero Vision, or had faked his own death in cahoots with Fury to inspire the team. Then we got another OMG moment this Fall at New York Comic-Con, when Marvel announced that there would be a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series -- and that Clark Gregg would be in it!

Needless to say, no matter how Coulson got out of that death scene in "Avengers," he's here to stay as a beloved -- and most unusual -- fan fave. The strange path of Agent Phil Coulson from heel to hero is our seventh most OMG moment in Geek this year!

Next in 2012's Most OMG Moments In Geek: "A Very Special Episode Of Adventure Time" moves the cartoon to drama status.

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