Users Experiencing Sepia-Toned Disappointment With Instagram's New Terms And Conditions

It's no secret that Facebook and other services like Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) collect and store your personal information. Now, Instagram's new terms and conditions may be taking things a bit further, seemingly stating the service can use people's photos in advertisements without the photographer's permission and without payment.

Many users of the photo sharing service are understandably outraged. However, the worries don't end with your own photos being used. People who have never signed up or used the service are also at risk. For instance, if a friend takes a photo of you and shares it on Instagram, that photo can also be used in advertisements without your knowledge or permission.

On top of that, the new conditions also apply to youngsters. Although Instagram says a person must be 13 or older to sign-up and use the service, the terms note that if a teenager signs up, they agree that a parent or legal guardian is aware that their image, username and photos can be used in advertisements.

Considering the uproar this has caused around the web, we're hoping Instagram will provide a bit of clarification soon. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee they will. If you're not comfortable with the new conditions you'll have to delete your account to avoid being involved. Thankfully, you have until January 16th, when the changes take effect, to make your decision.