Your Last-Minute Holiday GIF Guide!

The holiday gift giving deadline is approaching fast - so don't just sit there as your shopping days tick tock past you . We know how difficult it is to pick the right gift, so in order for you to spend more time with the Ho Ho Ho's and egg nog, we made up your mind for you.

Below you will find some great gift ideas designed to delight even the most cynical consumer.

Happy Holiday's.

Adventure Time Toys

FACT: ADVENTURE TIME IS A SHOW. and its great. FACT: Your little brother/cousin/friend/sister/aunt/uncle/grandma loves it. If they don't, then they haven't seen it yet. FACT: ANY THING ADVENTURE TIME IS AWESOME. You really can't screw this gift up. All the characters from the show are lovable, and everyone will love an adventure time gift. Shmowzow!


Wether you are buying for a 12-year-old girl, or a 28-year-desk jockey, You can't go wrong with a Furby. It's almost impossible to not have a warm spot in your heart for this fuzzy friend. With the ap connectivity in these new 2.0 versions, Furby can be fed an assortment of goodies. The best part, you can make Furby throw up, then feed him his own throw up. Perfect for the growing sociopath in all of us.

Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd

Everyone who has grown up with Hungry Hungry Hippos will know that you don't need a state-of-the-art LCD TV with a surround-sound console system to have an intense action-packed multiplayer slugfest. Following the mantra, "If it ain't broke don't fix it," Hungry Hungry Herd is the re-awakening of this epic Hippo franchise. This time around, it dons the name of Facebook feed dominator "Farmville," so it remains relevant to all the connected millenials and pretty much everyone else on Earth.

One Direction Action Figures

Superstars online and off, One Direction is probably the biggest UK Boy Band to ever hit Tumblr. You can bet some serious cash that any female between 12-35 are already fans and would love one of these fellas waiting under the tree.

Shao Khan or any other Mortal Kombat figure

A personal favorite, This "Mortal Kombat 2" character is royalty. Like the One Direction figures, any male 10 - 35 knows and fears the dark Emperor Shao Kahn. A perfect gift for someone who longs for positions of power and ornate armor.

NERF Vortex Pyragon Blaster

THIS NERF BLASTER IS BOSS. With a fully-stacked clip of 40 discs, the party don't stop. And every one of these disks delivers. This winter, give the gift of packing foam heat.

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