Godzilla Smash In The First Official Image?

UPDATED: 12/20/12

"Pacific Rim" can't have all the fun! Not when the the Kaiju king is on the way as well!

Is this the first image from the new "Godzilla" flick from "Monsters" director Gareth Edwards? According to the possibly UN-official Facebook page for the film, it is. It was posted last night with the following message, "Godzilla 2014 Trailer Under Construction at MPC in London." The image has since been deleted.

Also, on the same page, the following image was posted on December 3 with this message: "The only current, official look of the new #Godzilla2014 Godzilla Design."

Is it real? Maybe. Is it official? Doubtful. Is it exciting? YEP!

"Godzilla" hits on May 16, 2014.

BTW, read our user guide to all things Kaiju to get you up to speed before both this and "Pacific Rim."