Season's Hauntings: Doc 'The American Scream' Out Early On DVD And Blu

Fresh off of getting singled out as one of MTV Geek's favorite cult films of 2012, director Michael Paul Stephenson's family-friendly haunted house documentary gets a jump on the holidays with a DVD/Blu-ray release.

Stepheson's doc follows a collection of families during the lead-up to Halloween as each attempts to assemble to top haunted house in the small town of Fairhaven, MA. It's the director's second feature following his "Troll 2" documentary "Best Worst Movie," which looked at some of the good and decent folks behind the notoriously terrible fantasy-horror sequel.

Distributor Brainstorm Media is dropping the disc via the film's site if you're looking to snag it now with the DVD/Blu-ray combo setting you back $17.99. Besides including the DVD (which will not be available after this spring), there's also a follow-up featurette included on the disc. No word on technical details, trailers, etc.