'Yoe To The World': The Fabulous And Bizarre World Of 'Yoe! Books'

If you're a comic book lover and are looking for the perfect "coffee table" tome for your rad crashpad, seek no further than Yoe! Books and their swank collection of retro favorites -- from the wacky to the bizarre!

Their latest, "Comics About Cartoonists," is a mind-blowing, gorgeous, 4-color look at the "meta"  concept of cartoonists in their own comics. Classic comic creators such as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Will Eisner, and more present stories about their own unique profession -- some cheerful, and some full of pathos.

As Yoe says in the intro:

"A cartoonist sits in solitary confinement, endless hours at a time, at a little slanted wooden board (or today maybe at a computer screen). He obsessively fills little boxes with little phrases and doodles with a drawing implement. Sounds like activity for the citizens of Nutty Crest! In fact, some cartoonists were driven crazy by the soul-crushing rigirs of their odd profession and ended up in their own little boxes or funny farms..."

If horror and the undead are more your thing, Yoe! Books also has the terrifying tales of "Zombies: The Chilling Archives Of Horror Comics". Check out some of the gruesome stories that Dr. Fredric Wertham's panties all in a twist in the 1950s! These vintage comics are all painstakingly remastered and give you the look and feel as if they were first found on the newsstand.

Yoe! Books also has a ton of other great titles for the comics aficionado, including "The Creativity of Steve Ditko," "The Art of Betty and Veronica," and "Funny Stuff by Frank Frazetta." All these books are exceptionally art-directed and designed, which really put them apart from other archive collections.

And today, December 17th, you can get a special deal on free shipping on some titles.

So definitely, if you're a fan of this stuff -- check it out!

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