The Daily Geek: Joker And Son, Tim Burton's Killers Video And More

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DADDY? This. Am I right? Via Reddit.

BUILD A T-REX FOR XMAS! Our trusty pals of The Stan Winston School teach us how to make the T-Rex from "Jurassic Park."

WHAT IS IT REALLY? Yesterday would've been Philip K. Dick's 84th birthday. Here's a cool quote via Tor from the man about being an SF writer.

I used to dig in the garden, and there isn't anything fantastic or ultradimensional about crab grass...unless you are a sf writer, in which case, pretty soon you're viewing crabgrass with suspicion. What are its real moties? And who sent it in the first place? The qustion I always found myself asking was, What is it really?

WHO NEEDS PLOT ANYWAY? MTV Movies Blog counts down the biggest plot holes of 2012. Here's their bit on "Amazing Spider-Man." I think they forgot about every other second of the movie.

This "Spider-Man" reboot may've managed to successfully capture the inevitable awkward bits that come with a budding teen romance, but that doesn't mean the comic book movie was successful in tying up all of its loose ends. Not only do we never learn the fate of Rajit Ratha—the man who gets Dr. Curt Connors to test his own lizard serum—who's left trapped in a car that's hanging from the Williamsburg Bridge, but we're also left to wonder what might've happened to Uncle Ben's killer. Did Peter Parker forget that he was on a serious manhunt to avenge his uncle because he was too busy saving New York City from a giant lizard? But hey, at least we know which search engine Spider-Man prefers—and sorry Google, it's not Google.

GREAT COVER! This cover for "Fearless Defenders" is terrific.

CREEPY! Tim Burton directed this Killers video for the song "Here with Me" starring Winona Rider. Remember when he was awesome?

WHOA! Watch this time-lapse video of a spider weaving its web. Via io9.

'Til tomorrow, gang!

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