2012’s Most OMG Moments In Geek #8: ‘Community’ Enters Darkest Timeline

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While TV shows get canceled and messed with all the time, the fate of “Community” over 2012 has been particularly, spectacularly cruel. Should we blame the Mayans?

MTV Geek is counting down the 10 Most OMG Moments Of Geek! #8 concerns a certain cult TV show…

To put it bluntly: if you are a fan of “Community,” 2012 really sucked.

The year kicked off with the future of the show thrown in doubt: would they get canceled by NBC? Would they even be allowed to finish out their third season? By February, fans got an affirmative on that third season. And even though a fourth wasn’t set in stone, it looked like the dream of “Six Seasons And A Movie” was still a viable one.


Dan Harmon leaks an angry voicemail from “Pierce Hawthorne” himself, Chevy Chase, for a bunch of his fans. Between Harmon’s action, and Chase’s long list of grievances, it is clear that all is not rosy at Greendale. Cue media brouhaha.

Harmon apologizes. Back to business. What else could possibly go wrong?

By mid-May, Dan Harmon was fired from “Community.”

Only a few days before he was let go, I had written a post that outlined “The Community Code”, which theorized that Harmon knew since the beginning of the third season that he — and the show — was on thin ice and was eventually going to get the axe. If you follow the episodes that season, I postulated, you could almost “read” the particular struggles Harmon had with the network, culminating in the rather grim-sounding titles of the two last episodes: “Course Listing Unavailable” and “Curriculum Unavailable.”

BUT NOT TO WORRY “COMMUNITY” FANS: in June, the show was officially on the fall schedule. NBC even had this neat thingie where you could make your own Greendale ID card:

And the series had new showrunners, David Guarascio and Moses Port, who boasted such sitcoms as “Mad About You,” “Just Shoot Me” and “Happy Endings” on their resume. They knew Harmon’s shoes were pretty big ones to fill — but the cast was hitting the convention and PR circuit and everything looked like it just might be coolcoolcool. Even a series of ominous Harmon interviews — one in which he warned that Sony was “going to smother it with a pillow very quietly…” — couldn’t completely throw us off the “Community” vibe we were feeling as it geared up for its (albeit truncated) 4th season. Which was set for October 19th.

And then, mere weeks before it was set to return, NBC said the show was “delayed indefinitely.”

This prompted a video from the “Community” cast, who at this point had to be seriously wondering where their next paycheck was coming from:

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