Forget 'The Hobbit' - 'Willow' Is Coming To DVD And Blu-ray

It's been 25 years since the fantasy-adventure "Willow" came out so Fox is giving it the deluxe Blu-ray treatment in March. It's the return of a somewhat uneven movie whose reputation has grown over the years with some unfortunate new cover art calling way too much attention to its similarity to another franchise featuring a diminutive heroe on an epic quest.

I mean look at that art work--they weren't even trying to hide that "Lord of the Rings"-gold and brown look. And it's unfortunate, because Ron Howard's movie can stand on its own--it's much more compact than Jackson's feature for one thing, and nothing beats Val Kilmer-in-his-prime, man. On its initial release, the movie didn't get a lot of love from critics or audiences, but around the time I caught it on cable (maybe around 1989), that didn't matter--it was a funny, action-packed fantasy movie with monsters, a pretty warrior woman, and an evil witch, and I think it's worth re-visiting.

The March 12th disc will sport a couple of new features to go along with the ones from the out of print 2003 DVD, also released by Fox. According to the press release, the Blu will sport an all-new transfer supervised by producer George Lucas, and it'll include deleted scenes presented by director Ron Howard along with the personal video diaries of star Warwick Davis.

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