The World Is A Better Place Thanks To This LEGO M&M Sorter

We're continually amazed by the creations people develop using nothing but Lego and a bit of creativity, and the strange device you see above keeps the trend going. Created by YouTube user Nxt1engineer, the contraption is perfect for the candy lover as it's capable of automatically sorting M&Ms by color!

The delicious chocolate candies are first loaded into the top of the device, where they are individually identified as they make there way down. Once the sorter knows what color the M&M is it rolls down a small arm that automatically positions itself above the corresponding column. M&Ms that the sorter cannot identify are placed in an unsorted bin in the middle, where I assume they can be gathered and placed back in the top.

Once the columns at the base of Nxt1engineer's sorter are full, the candies are emptied into larger bins. However, the system isn't perfect. As you'll see in the video below, some M&Ms tend to hit the barriers separating each color, but it looks like adjustments could easily be made to correct the issue – thank the heavens, our lives are complete.