This Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle Could Be Cruising Your Neighborhood By 2014

Eco-friendly transportation relies on efficiency more than anything else. Two-wheeled vehicles, like motorcycles and scooters, have the potential to be much more efficient than their four-wheeled counterparts, but safety trumps all and we've found ourselves with oversized minivans and bulky trucks often hauling a single passenger. Thankfully, Lit Motors has stepped in.

The futuristic ride you see above is the C1, a self-balancing, two-wheeled electric vehicle that blends the efficiency of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car. It's a functional prototype that could change the way we get from point-A to point-B, forever.

One of the most common accidents for motorcyclists is tipping over while turning a corner, but that shouldn't be a problem for the C1. Thanks to gyroscope technology similar to what's been used in the International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope, Lit Motors founder Daniel Kim says you'd need “a baby elephant” to knock his creation over. Not only does this gyro system keep the bike upright when it's stopped, it also prevents the C1 from being knocked over when struck by another vehicle in the event of an accident.

For a few hundred dollars, interested consumers can get their name on a waitlist for the production C1, which will carry 2 passengers, reach speeds up to 100 MPH and travel up to 200 miles on single charge, depending on which battery option is chosen. The initial production bikes (planned for 2014) will cost $24,000. But if production can reach scale, the price could drop to $12,000 is the U.S. and $5,000 in Asia due to lower manufacturing costs.

The BBC recently caught up with Daniel Kim and some future C1 riders to get the lowdown on this incredible machine. You can watch the video here to see the C1 in action or head over to for all the details and more videos.