Watch The New Trailer For The 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special 'The Snowmen'

"Clara who?"

"Doctor who?"

MTV Geek's resident Whoxpert Alex Zalben was lucky enough to catch a screening of this year's "Doctor Who" Christmas Special, "The Snowmen" and had very nice things to say about both the episode and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman. In his review, he said:

this is probably the second best Christmas episode ever after 2010’s superlative "A Christmas Carol." Since the latter episode is probably my favorite episode of "Who," ever, that’s certainly putting it in high company. The episode is laugh out loud funny, emotional, and more importantly, captures the spirit of the holidays.

There’s a beautiful sequence about halfway through that might be one of the most magical, storybook creations the show has ever done, more on par with a stage play than a TV show, but by golly, it works.

Those of us who weren't as lucky will have to whet our appetites with the above trailer, which thankfully gives us our best look at the winter wonderlandian action. We especially get a nice teasy bit of new companion Clara's sense of adventure and perhaps...dominance over the very dominating Doctor.

Plus, for the eagle ears in the audience, this trailer gives away a very special cameo in "The Snowmen"...but I'm not saying who it is here. Discuss that amongst yourselves.

"The Snowmen" airs on BBC America Tuesday, December 25 at 9pm ET.