2012's Most OMG Moments In Geek #10: The Ponds Exit 'Doctor Who'

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"At first I was just tearing up and by the time there was 15ish minutes later there were 8 girls sobbing in a heap. After the episode ended every one just sat there, and cried and cried. I’m still not over it I swear if I have to explain the episode I will burst into tears its happened one already. Does anyone else have intense Pond feels they would like to add?" -- Sexy Tardis Doctor, Tumblr

MTV Geek is counting down the 10 Most OMG Moments of Geek! #10 is about the departure of a couple of fan-beloved characters...and how fans reacted to the news. Spoilers ahead!

To be fair, Whovians had some fair warning that "The Ponds" (or the "Williamses," depending on your preference) were going to be leaving "Doctor Who" during its new season. But that was cold comfort to the massive fan freakout that exploded on both sides of the Atlantic when Amy Pond and Rory Williams made their final exits (?) during the episode "The Angels Take Manhattan."

So the shocking thing to me isn't so much that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill left the series -- it was instead the intense fan reaction, which I witnessed in real-time right after the episode aired. Also notable: the intense reaction I myself had not for the episode in question -- I hadn't seen it yet -- but just in reaction to the fan's reactions. I wept for the Ponds -- and the Doctor -- because of second-hand fan rants, art, and fan-vids. Literally, I was sniffling all day -- driving my husband crazy, who was trying to avoid spoilers and yet could see the spoilers etched into my face -- based mostly on the collective fan-Zeitgeist.

That's the level of intense "feels" a fan community can generate.

As for Amy and Rory, despite some close-calls during the episode, they pretty much didn't have the most tragic ending ever conceived for a Doctor's companion(s). Amy finally "grew up" and solidified her commitment to her husband (instead of bouncing around the time-stream with essentially Peter Pan), and it's confirmed that she and Rory spent most years of a long (if somewhat time-displaced) life together. Who we should really feel sorry for is the poor lonely Doctor...and the fans, with all those FEELS!

Here's a slice of what transpired after "The Angels Take Manhattan":

and in this video, you can watch all the feels over the episode, as it happens:

Special props to Tumblr, who seemed to be THE meeting ground of choice for grieving fans!

It's gonna be okay -- really! He's got a new companion and I'm totally pretty sure everything won't end in feels and tragedy. Really.