The Case Of The Missing 'Return of The Jedi' Female Fighter Pilots

The site Star Wars Aficionado has found rarely-seen images of female X-Wing and A-Wing fighter pilots from "Return of the Jedi's" climactic Battle of Endor scene. The pictures of the pilots can be found deep within the "Jedi" Blu-ray, and includes one older woman:

Only one of the pilots can be seen in the actual movie for fleeting seconds -- but her little bits of dialogue were inexplicably redubbed with a male voice. :-(

It is not clear why the redub was made, or why the female pilots were mostly cut from the final movie.

As a chid watching "Return of the Jedi" first-run in the theater, it might have been great to see more action-based female characters. We had Princess Leia, who was sort of "action" but also wore a skimpy slave outfit and later had her hair braided by Ewoks. Mon Mothma was kind of cool, but she wasn't really a solider/warrior, and seemed more like my mom (even her name sounds like "My Momma").

My Momma Mon Mothma from "Return of the Jedi"

Having this character in the movie, if even for a few seconds on screen, would have been great:

Would have also made a neat action figure.

Via Kotaku

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