The Daily Geek: Man of Steel, Speedy's Cast, Toy Story Into Darkness And More

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ICYMI! The "Man of Steel" trailer debuted and it's pretty great. Here's what we had to say about it:

As the public has matured and gone through its evolution, so has the figure of Superman through many comics, TV shows, and movies. What we have with "Man of Steel" is the Superman of OUR generation, a Superman that addresses our true needs, concerns, dreams, and hopes/fears for the future. And that's why I think it will click with moviegoers, in a way that "Superman Returns" -- a film that in many ways was an unabashed "love-letter" for a beloved time that has unfortunately gone by -- did not.

I don't believe that audiences have time for nostalgic love-letters. They need a film that taps into the Zeitgeist. I think "Man of Steel" just might be that film.

SPEEDY! Splash Page reports "Teen Wolf" star Colton Haynes is Speedy on "Arrow."

TOY STORY INTO DARKNESS! This just works, man. [via]

GAIMAN JOINS CBLDF! Neil Gaiman is named co-chair of The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund advisory board. From the official press release:

Gaiman says, “The CBLDF is making important strides in protecting our freedom to read comics with its vital education efforts. With Denis, I hope to develop an advisory board that will reach more of the people who make, read, publish and sell comics of all kinds, and help us to make the Fund an even more powerful and active institution for the new generation of readers and creators, who may find themselves needing our help and who have come to us from the web, from academia, from the world of Manga, and beyond.”

WALKING DEAD COOKIES! I hope these cookies taste like zombie. [via Neatorama]

NURNEY! What is a nurney and more importantly, how do you make one? "Hellraiser's" gore effects man, Gary J. Tunnicliffe for The Stan Winston School show's you how.

'Til tomorrow, gang!