Marvel NOW!: Dennis Hopeless Talks The Shocking 'Avengers Arena' Death [Spoilers!]


If you have not read "Avengers Arena" #1, do not watch following Marvel NOW! video interview with Dennis Hopeless, lest ye be spoiled!

You have been warned.

About the death, Hopeless told us:

I wanted the first death to be important. It was all about selling the idea of "Murder World" in a way that the reader cared. Not just about the death but about, this is what they're going to go through. So it made sense to me to use an established relationship within that.

The death of Mettle is particularly gory and initially "Avengers Arena" editor Bill Rosemann wanted to pare down the brutality and splatteryness of the moment. So Hopeless obliged:

So I rewrote that scene to have blood splattered across Arcade's white suit, when Kev [Walker] got the script he said, 'No, no, no, no we gotta show it. People need to know this is real, we have to show it." So he drew almost exactly what I had writtemn in the original panel on his own.

Hopeless is well aware that this death, and those that'll inevitably follow (uh oh!), will upset fans of "Avengers Academy" -- the pre-Marvel NOW! title that featured these characters. But, he assures us in the video interview interview below, "Avengers Arena" is not just a bloodbath book.

That's not at all what we're doing. And now that's the book's out and people see it is very character-driven and it is more than just a 'Teenage superhero meat grinder,' hopefully some of those fears will go away.

I'm totally starting a band called The Teenage Superhero Meat Grinders.

Watch more with Dennis Hopeless HERE.

"Avengers Academy" #1 is on shelves now.