Brian Wood's Lost DC Pitches

Over on his Tumblr, Brian Wood revealed a bit of "what could have been" during his time at DC. In a post called "Near Misses From My DC Era" he shows us some of the pitches that never made it to the hands of readers for various reasons. His post is a fascinating look behind the scenes for those interested in what it's like for a writer working for DC. It also serves an "aw man!" for Wood fans who would've loved to see some of these concepts come to fruition. Wood intro'd his post with the following:

I’m going some housecleaning this morning, organizing my Dropbox and workfolders and finding a bunch of stuff that never made it into production from my time at DC, although a few made it really close. Seeing them all together, there’s more than I thought.

I won't post all the pitches, but here are a few that I think seemed pretty interesting.


Rima The Jungle Girl - I was asked by Azzarello to write a miniseries for his First Wave thing, and I wrote the outline and met with the editor and got that approved and all seemed cool, but the green light to start scripting never came, and to this day I have no idea why. I like the story, and since I wasn’t paid anything by DC for the outline the story’s mine, so maybe I’ll find a use for it.

In 2010, Brian Azzarello launched a new world in the DC Multiverse inhabited by classic pulp characters like Doc Savage and The Spirit, and pulp versions of famous DC stars like Batman called "First Wave". The book was scrapped after a 6-issue miniseries.

Back in 2011, Wood previously mentioned his disappointment in losing Rima:

I love my Rima story, and its one of the things I’ll try and find a way to do as a creator-owned book, if I can. I like to imagine what a book would be like taking just the core idea of Rima and giving it a Northlanders-esque treatment.

Here is Rags Morales sketchbook info about Rima from "First Wave"


The Re-Imagined Wildstorm Universe - talked a bit about that here. I had a year of stories mapped out for Wildcats, The Authority, and a new title that I’m not sure we ever decided on a name, but it was a sort of Stormwatch meets Global Frequency thing, using a wide cast of characters, including the DV8 kids.

Here's what he talked about previously:

Shortly before the decision was made known that DC was closing the Wildstorm imprint, I was asked to pitch a line-wide “new direction” for Wildstorm… not a reboot, but just what would come next after the World’s End thing. A year’s worth of stories for three titles. I was so into it, and now the pitch sits in the vault with all the rest of its friends.

I think it goes without saying that a Wood-controlled Wildstorm Universe is certainly an intriguing idea.


Gotham: Neighborhood Rebellion aka Catwoman Year 100 - When Bob Schreck was at DC, he asked me to pitch a few things, and I did, and none of them got past the first draft pitch stage. This was one of them, a far flung future crime story featuring a young girl named Nomi Blume (I’ve since used that name in Ultimate X-Men for the Mach Two character… cuz nothing goes to waste). The other pitches I can’t locate.

"...cuz nothing goes to waste" love knowing bits of info like that.

Shades of Paul Pope's awesome "Batman Year 100" but with Catwoman and Brian Wood, eh? Not too shabby. But Too bad.


QC (short for Quattrocento) - a Vertigo miniseries about inventors and secret societies and musical prodigies in 15th century Italy, with the same darker tone that Northlanders has. This is still in my “active” file, and I hope to get it out there someday.

Cross your fingers, gang!

Head over to Wood's Tumblr for the rest of his lost pitches.