Solar-Powered Floating House: Paradise in the Zombie Apocalypse?

I've always believed that taking to the water on a houseboat or seeking refuge on a small island would be a great way to survive the zombie apocalypse, and this solar-powered floating room is just what I was thinking. It's not much, but you'd have electricity and a steady food supply, so long as there's a fisherman in your group.

Designed and built by Swedish prefad cabin builder Kenjo, this mobile room belongs to the Sandell Brothers. While not intended specifically for the end of the world, it would provide a good space to survive. If it was a bit larger you could throw some defenses up and even create a small a garden. Placed in a large enough body of water, none of those pesky walkers would stand a chance at getting onboard.

What's really great about the cabin is the fact that it was mainly constructed out of recycled materials, including locally-sourced wood. With enough research before the day comes, you could probably build something similar with more of a “keep the dead out” focus.

The floating cabin was featured on the Swedish show "Room Service" on Kanal 5 and you can watch the episode in its entirety here. It's in Swedish and there are no subtitles, but if you're interested, it'll give you a pretty good look at how it came together.

If you were forced to live out the zombie apocalypse what would your dream home looks like? Would you take to the sea, lock yourself in a prison or live on the road? Hit the comments section and let us know!

[via Inhabitat]