New Footage Shines More Light On New 'Star Trek' Villain

MTV News was among the lucky journalists who got to see the first 9 minutes of the highly-anticipated, much-speculated about "Star Trek Into Darkness". While they've reported that "There are no mentions of Khan, or Gary Mitchell," there is an intriguing scene making the Internet rounds that might possibly shine more light on the identity of the mysterious villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

In the scene, Cumberbatch's character, wearing a shirt with the Starfleet insignia, is quarantined in a glass cell, with Kirk and Spock looking at him:

And, according to Devin Feraci from Badass Digest: "Full STAR TREK trailer indicates hands against glass scene is actually Spock and Cumberbatch."

This solves (we THINK) many rounds of furious guessing this weekend among Trek fans as to the identity of the hands in last week's teaser.

So. Let's go back to my fave subject, Gary Mitchell.

It could still totally be Mitchell as the Big Bad, based on this admittedly slight bit of information. Mitchell was "mutated" by solar radiation in the original "Star Trek" episode, granting him dangerous powers that eventually lands him in the Enterprise brig, and then killed on a lone planet by Kirk (spoilers, sorry). This scene from "Star Trek Into Darkness could be an "irradiated" Mitchell -- with or without powers -- that the crew will be forced to abandon (prompting touching "hands" scene).

Then Mitchell, who everybody thinks is dead, comes back and says "What's Up?"

That still leaves my latest spin on the theory open -- that the Cumberbatch character will be a mix of Khan/Mitchell, with the name of the former because it's more well-known.

I'm sure as time steadily ticks away and we get more and more info on "STID," the mystery will become more clear. Though this guessing game is fun, and certainly more entertaining than laundering socks.

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