Avengers Arena, Batman, and Bloodshot: New Comics For December 12th

It’s getting close to holiday time, and that means comic book publishers eyes turn more towards trades and reprints than the monthly comics. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to read you guys, and this week’s comics are led by AVENGERS ARENA #1. The Hunger Games set in the Marvel Universe title pits teen superheroes against each other, to the death, and promises to off some fan favorites in big, big ways.

Also from Marvel, there’s the inordinately fun X-TREME X-MEN #7.1, a great new entry point for readers; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699.1, which takes a slight pause from the usual spidery hi-jinks to show us the life of everyone’s favorite living vampire, Michael Morbius; and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #10, picking up after the laugh out loud funny debut of new writer Kelly-Sue DeConnick last issue.

Over at DC, there’s a pair of Bat-titles coming your way: BATGIRL #15, and BATMAN #15. The former continues the extremely personal vendetta The Joker has against Barbara Gordon, and will probably have far more eyeballs on it after this past weekend’s dust-up with writer Gail Simone. The latter is the leader of the Bat-universe, and hasn’t failed us for fourteen issues, so we’re looking forward to the next.

At Image, there’s WALKING DEAD #105, of course, which posits, “What if people were really tired and had to walk to work?” That’s the concept, I’m pretty sure. There’s also Ales Kot’s CHANGE #1, a trippy, nearly indescribable comic that picks up where the promise of his brilliant one-shot “Wild Children” left off.

Over at Valiant, things start rolling up to their recently announced crossover in ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #5, and BLOODSHOT #6. This duo, by the way, are probably the best of an already very strong line of comics. The former is a hilarious adventure buddy comedy, the latter channeling the best of ‘90s action movies. So pick ‘em up, yo.

And at Dark Horse, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #16, and CONAN THE BARBARIAN #11 both hit. The first is having a huge, strong resurgence this year, while the second continues a rock-solid run by Brian Wood. Hey, how about an Amalgam style crossover? I’d read CONAN THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and BUFFY THE BARBARIAN. Wouldn’t you?

Yes, you would. See you next week for more new comics!