Will Batgirl Have A Fate Worse Than Death?

We're getting dark here, folks!

With "Batgirl" writer Gail Simone announcing on Twitter that she is no longer writing the comic -- in the middle of the pivotal "Death of the Family" arc no less -- my mind is starting to speculate on the fate of Barbara Gordon. When we last checked into the comic, in issue #14, Joker seemed to have the  hots for Batgirl, complete with standard flowers and a box of candy. At the same time, as we saw in "Suicide Squad" #14, Joker came back and confronted his former partner/sidekick/doormat Harley Quinn regarding her cheating on him with Deadshot.

It doesn't take a person with a Masters Degree in "Melrose Place" to see where this whole manage-a-psycho might be heading (or, beheading!).

What if Joker went through with his plan to "court" Batgirl? What the hell would that really lead to? 

For example, here's the story description of Batgirl #16, hitting stores in January: "In this issue you are invited to the wedding of Barbara Gordon and The Joker!" Assuming that really happens, what could be next?

I mean...what if Joker and Batgirl "did" it, you know?

This is mere speculation. "Death of the Family" has been a pretty shocking book so far -- thanks to that Alfred scene I'm afraid to use my contact lens fluid -- but a Joker/Batgirl pairing would just explode the Internet (refer to "The Killing Joke" for more context on this situation).

Then you have the whole issue of Harley Quinn. What's Joker have planned for her? If the maniac was attached to Batgirl, would he have time for two women in his life? Seriously: is Harley going to die? Is Batgirl? This tweet by Simone might be possibly alluding to one of these scenarios.

I'll play Sally Speculator with one more thought: what if there was a new Batgirl? Along with creative changes, certain comics go in a completely different direction. And perhaps the whole Joker angle is a red-herring. In February's "Batgirl" #17, she apparently is facing off against her crazy brother and something really shocking happens to her: "Barbara Gordon must deal with the fallout from “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” in this issue that will forever change her status quo in The New 52!"

So we might have: 1) Barbara quits, 2) Barbara dies, 3) Barbara ends up back in a wheelchair. Heck, I'm even going to "go there" -- what if she ends up pregnant with Joker's baby?

Understandably, as I've mentioned before, any of the scenarios would probably break the geek Internet -- and,  judging by some of the crazier reactions to Simone's departure so far, those writers might have to go into hiding (or at least stay away from Twitter for a few weeks).

It all gets several steps crazier in "Batgirl" #15, hitting stores this Wednesday.

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