Steven Smith On Thanos Vs. Darkseid: 'Pound For Pound'

By Steven Smith

And the geekverse shuddered as the “No, f**k YOU” heard round the globe, when it was leaked Darkseid might be the villain for the Justice League movie. Thanos was revealed to be the big bad menace behind Loki in "The Avengers" and all us good geeks know Thanos is a big ol’ripoff of Darkseid, as espoused by his creator himself, Mr. Jim Starlin. So, why am more nervous for the JLA movie than Avengers Dos?

Because of Joss Damn Whedon. He wrote the screenplay for "The Avengers" and is doing the same for the sequel, "Red, White and Blonde". The Justice League movie still has no director nor cast prospects but up and comer screenwriter Will Beall has been hard at work on it for a bit but DAMN that’s gotta be daunting toknow you’re writing the contender against the sequel for the third highest grossing film of all time.

I’ve discussed my love for the Justice League and I’m a big damn fan of Darkseid, love those Omega Beams (they ricochet too), but if he is the villain it’s just a bit too, too – nyahhh for the WB to do, knowhutmsayin? “Oh, hey Marvel, you’ve been planning this big world changing event with the Cosmic Cube and it’s told over film after film and the big reveal villain guy, well guess what, we’re gonna use the same guy! ‘Cept he’s the original and only nerds care – can’t wait to see your posters!” Right? Kinda dicky. But Hollywood wouldn’t be dicky? Would they? No more dicky than Marvel and DC were to each other back in the day, but I digress.

Thanos is a force to be reckoned with and attacking his storyline with "The Guardians of the Galaxy" is a great through line to get us to "Avengers 2 the Quickening." (Sidebar: still kicking myself for not asking Michael Rooker about his campaign to be Rocket Raccoon at NYCC. Damn me and my Mallrats jokestering!) But really, who’s got more swagger, the Lord of Apokolips or the Mad Titan. Both have killed millions but only one of them is based on fucking Hitler while the other is based on the one based on fucking Hitler. Gah.

Here’s what’s going to happen – IF Darkseid is the big baddie for the Justice League movie (especially the Super Powers version – fingers crossed) that’s a killer idea and if that’s the first piece of the puzzle filled then we might have a huge blockbuster on our hands. WE WON’T because Marvel had the Avengers planned and marketed and ready while "Justice League" seems like a reaction to those things, no master plan, and you kind of need one. Mind you Thanos is creepy, worships Death, has that Skrull like chin, penchant for rings – he makes a good villain but if you want to really shake things up have Darkseid be the villain in the "Avengers 2". That would work, right? Joss, hello? He agrees. I know he does.

Steven Smith is reading Marvel Comics the Untold Story right now so he feels like he knows things, his podcast Going Off Track is available right now (go look!), and secretly wants the Justice League film to work but knows in his heart it only will if it’s animated like Yellow Submarine.


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