Classic Wonder Woman And Superboy TV Shows Coming To DVD

For a minute there, the TV version of Wonder Woman was closer to the jumpsuit-wearing spy popular in the mid-70's run of the comics--and she wasn't played by Lynda Carter. Model and tennis pro Cathy Lee Crosby had the role of Agent Prince for a 1974 pilot which saw her matching wits against Ricardo Montalban as the villainous Abner Smith.

The pilot--as well as the second season of the late 80's "Superboy" TV series--is coming to DVD next week from the Warner Archive Collection.

First up, there's the release of the 26-episodes for "Superboy: The Complete Second Season" to DVD following a six year gap between the first season of the Gerard Christopher-starring series. The series, which ran from 1988-1992, placed the Young Man of Steel at Shuster University where he met up with low-budget incarnations of his comic villains and friends. Actress Stacy Haiduk made a far less terrible Lana Lang than her "Smallville" counterpart, but that's pretty much as far is it goes when balancing which show was less not-so-great (actually, Christopher was fun in his roles as Clark/Superboy while "Day of the Dead" actor Sherman Howard made for an energetic Lex Luthor).

Available the same day, WB will give the '74 "Wonder Woman" pilot its first official DVD release, nearly 40 years after it originally aired on TV. That take on the character was smack in the middle of of Bond's popularity on the big screen and it's easy to see how ABC execs at the time might have been hoping to grab both comic and spy film fans in one go with a gadget-using secret agent.

Both releases will be available from Warner Home Archives on December 11th--"Wonder Woman" for $17.98 and "Superboy" season two for $35.98.