Grammy Winner Jill Scott Plays The Oracle In This Week's 'Fringe'

Even with Peter brain-jacking himself a couple of weeks back, and even with Walter's secret weapon nearing completion, the Fringe team still needs any help it can get in their war against the Observers. Enter this week's guest star, singer and actress Jill Scott, who'll be playing "a very intuitive and oracle-like person named Simone" who may lend Olivia an extra helping hand (and glimpse into the future) as Agent Dunham attempts to track down a piece of tech for Walter.

Scott answered a few questions about her part in this week's episode and how she might play a part in the battle against the Observers.

"A quiet warrior" is how how Scott describes her character in the show, someone who can glimpse into the future. But in the "Fringe" universe, psychics, visions, and seers might be a dime a dozen. She joked that her character Simone had more powers in the episode, but her ability will be integral to helping Olivia in the episode "The Human Kind." While she couldn't reveal too much detail about her character in the episode, she described Simone as someone who's a hard worker focused on her community.

One practical challenge of the role was the cold during the shoot while from an artistic side, it took her some time to find a center for Simone. Talking about Simone's personality, Scott describes her character as a hard worker and a leader. Working alongside actress Anna Torv, Scott described herself as "thoroughly geeked" to be near a character that she's respected for so long--Scott said she to let go of her fandom a little to get the work done.

Scott says she lobbied for the job based on her love of the show (she cites Walter Bishop as one of her favorite characters on TV). "I wish it wasn't the final season," Scott says, comparing the series to the likes of "The X-Files" or "Star Trek" in terms of creating a universe that a viewer could easily get immersed in. Touching on the series' writing, Scott says that the show avoids being overly-manufactured in a way that's slightly scary and believable--"There just might be an alternate universe, there just might be people on the other side" Scott said, describing it as both a wonderful and scary possibility.

"The Human Kind" episode of "Fringe" airs Friday at 9 PM ET on Fox.

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