Is The Villain For The New 'Star Trek' Khan or Gary Mitchell? Yes.

Welcome to part two or three of my obsessively nerdy quest to figure out the "Big Bad" of "Star Trek Into Darkness." In the last installment, I made a pretty convincing argument (it seemed) for Gary Mitchell, from the original "Star Trek" TV series, as being the villain of the new movie.  Now we've seen the first trailer/promo vid this morning (check out MTV Movies for more speculation), and I've adjusted my take slightly on this issue.


1. Alice Eve's hairstyle

As several people noticed, Eve's hairstyle and even uniform looks almost exactly like that of Dr. Elizabeth Dehner from the Mitchell episode in question, "Where No Man Has Gone Before":

Further, Eve's character also looks sort of a robotic scary babe in the trailer, which happens to Dr. Dehner as well:

2. Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet shirt:

This, plus the fact that it just seems Kirk knows this villain from way back as some sort of former friend -- rather than it being the genetically-enhanced "super-leader" Khan.

3. There seems to be a sort of funeral backdrop to part of the film, possibly the beginning:

In "Where No Man Has Gone Before," Kirk, out of sympathy for his old friend Mitchell, lies on his official log and says that he gave his life honorably in the line of duty (while what he REALLY did was kill him; at least, that's what he THOUGHT he did). The funeral could be for Mitchell.


1. The "hands" sequence at the end of the Japanese version of the trailer:

Folks, this is a pretty big red flag that "Star Trek Into Darkness" has at least some connections to "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." But one thing I would have to ask here is: who is really in the contaminated room (if indeed it follows "Star Trek II" that closely)? Spock? Nah, too easy. Much more likely to be the flipside, and Kirk instead.

2. Cumberbatch's coat has the Khan "fringe collar":

Another obvious call-out to the Big Bad possibly being Khan. Also, note how Khan is wearing a  Starfleet insignia, as Cumberbatch does in the previous picture.


I think it was originally supposed to be Mitchell -- as very early reports/rumors sort of indicated -- but it turned into a Mitchell/Khan hybrid movie. Why? Ask the man or woman on the street who Khan is, and they will probaly answer "KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!" Now go ask them who "Gary Mitchell" is.

Most likely, the actual character will be called "Khan," because he's just way more a marketable character than Mitchell. It hits the sweet-spot of the desired demographic -- people like myself who watched the original "Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan" when they were five.

But I don't understand why movie studios won't play into my ultra-niche, nerdy whims with their multi-million dollar movies. :-( Now I'm going to have to shoot a fan movie in which the villain is really Gary Mitchell, using my iPhone. I'm throwing in Harry Mudd for good measure.

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