The Daily Geek: The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Is Here And More

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SHALL WE BEGIN? Yeah, so I'm excited about this. Now let's all speculate who that villain is.

BTW, you have to watch the Japanese version, which has some very intriguing extra footage.

MEET MERLYN! Splash Page reports, John Barrowman is playing Malcom Merlyn, father of Ollie's best bud Tommy on "Arrow."

MCAFEE MANIA! BBC reports that John McAfee is in custody in Guatamala for entering the country illegally.

He crossed the border to seek political asylum, having been on the run in Belize where police are investigating the death of his neighbour.

PLEASE DON'T SUCK! EW has the first full look at "Ender's Game."

YOU'RE LISTENING TO SKEPTOID! One of my favorite podcasts, "Skeptoid" won the Sticher Radio award for Best Science Podcast. Congrats to host, Brian Dunning!

SET PHASERS TO MERRY! Kirk is the reason for the season in my house. [via Neatorama]

'Til tomorrow, gang!